An Argument for Epic Content

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Jimmy Daly, Head of Content at Vero, runs marketing at Vero and curates the Swipe File newsletter. In October 2014 he wrote on the success of his epic blog approach in his post, “How We Earned 300+ Links and 2,500+ Shares on a Single Post in Less Than 30 Days.”

He made the decision to publish less frequently (12 times a year) and not post yet another “top 10 bullet list”, but provide more information each time such as examples, screenshots and tactical advice. The image above is actually the table of contents for the swipe file. The post also includes strategies on relationship building to ensure you are conversing with those on your list.

And this post shows the results of this new approach as an increase in links and shares, page views, time on page, and new subscribers.

Go check out his post. You can sign up for the newsletter and download the swipe file. [You can navigate there by clicking on the link embedded on tips image at the top.]

Jimmy Daly is a marketer, writer, outdoorsman and photographer based in Tucson, Ariz.

This is great for companies providing a service. What about those who provide a product?
How do you see this working for you? Or does it?Share your thoughts!

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