Best Things About Dogs


This week I came across a couple of web items on how endearing dogs can be. One was about a pair of dogs that were missing for a week. When one was spotted, people found one had fallen in a cistern and couldn’t get out and the other one hung out with her friend for most of the day, leaving only to get help (Dog Loyalty).

The other was a video of a lab who had done something wrong and the owner was giving presumably gentle correction (wasn’t in English). The tenderhearted dog just wanted his love and kept pressing in for attention, despite that the guy kept gently saying no (Dog Just wants to be loved). The dog wins.

That evening my wee girl came in from playing outside. She was a bit wet and her fur was cold, but she was happy and wanted to be with me. Like the video dog, she wanted to press in close.

I got to thinking about how much we can learn from our dogsĀ approach to life and to us. They can’t wait to be with us. They want to share their happiness with us. They don’t want us upset with them. They aren’t embarrassed of their exuberant love life, outside, play, fun, and food! They love unconditionally, love forever, and stand firm in their love.

What a gift God has given us with our pets. I love having them around, butĀ I can’t stay I can live up to all of their admirable ways. Can you?

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