Final Moments Series


Escalating fatalities erupting from unimaginable malevolence.

What happens when you mix an environmental collapse, a man bent on killing billions and a deadly virus? The annihilation of the world — unless someone can stop evil.

If you enjoy an exciting medical mystery, then this book is for you!

Heartwarming and Inspiring Collection

The Flawless Life

Finalist in the prestigious Word Award 2016!

Desperate, shaken and grappling with her faith.

A crisis rocks her world and Grace is struggling in her Christian walk. An initial voice of anxiety rapidly becomes a choir of condemnation and overwhelming fear and despair. Belief in an unseen God and hope in promises not yet realized seem impossible in her desperate reality.

If you are looking for a contemporary story of faith, this book is for you!

Weeping Dune

A choice — abuse or an uncertain future.

In a crisis Jules runs from her present only to land at the intersection of her past and her future.
In the warm arms of South Carolina she discovers the long hidden truth of her past. And it completely changes her destiny.

If you are looking for a cozy story with a bit of mystery, this book is for you!

Never Midnight

Betrayed. Deserted. Determined to keep life at a distance.

Her mom hid her cancer diagnosis. When she died, Leigha felt angry, betrayed and deserted. She refused to deal with her grief. Over the years she knew the darkness of grief’s valley waited for her, but her anger fueled her resistence. She still harboured feelings of bitterness. But life brings her face to face with her deep resentment and she discovers the truth of her mother’s final days. In the revealing light of truth, hearts can be transformed.

If you are looking for a sweet story that’s FREE, this book is for you!

Leaving Lost

Lost love. Lost family. Lost reputation. Too much loss.

Adrift on a sea of hopelessness in a little town called Lost, Sam makes a decision that puts her on a challenging road. Her life becomes filled with devastating disasters, one rolling in after another. In a short time she lost all that a young, successful woman expects in life.

If you are looking to journey through the valley of darkness to top of the mountain, this book is for you!

Glass Darkly Series

Memory of Memories

Astonishing. Exquisite. Sublime. 

A journey into the eternal in an unimaginable place. Have you wondered what heaven will be like? Only the curious peer into the potential of eternal life. What is awaiting you there? Take a look into what your future could be like in heaven – imagine big!

If you are looking for a peek into heaven and all that it could be, this book is for you!

Final Moments Series

Veiled Agenda

Bioterrorism. Multinational pursuit. Jeopardy. But God.

Final Moments Series

White Sands Black Heart

Desperate loss. Hardened heart. Formidable circumstances. Coloured with life again.

Anger and bitterness wrapped their icy fingers around Jenny Jaye’s heart. With her life falling apart she impetuously ran away only to find herself entangled in the lives of a neglected child and a mysterious world traveller.

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