Final Moments Series

As the world gallops to disasters of epic proportions, The Final Moments are a series of mystery stories related to the increasingly bizarre contagions erupting everywhere.
The main character in the series, Dr. Marina Tempel is on the front line of these outbreaks. She is humanity’s only hope to stop a world-wide catastrophe – everytime.
While this is a series, each book can be read as a stand-alone.


You become sick, you die.

A trail of unexplained deaths escalates to an international crisis. In pursuit, Marina stumbles upon an unimaginable evil bent on the annihilation of the world — unless someone can stop a manufactured virus designed to kill.

If you enjoy an exciting medical mystery, then this book is for you!

Veiled Agenda

Bioterrorism. Multinational pursuit. Jeopardy. And hidden agendas.

With a upgraded virus, the designer is ready to unleash it full-force on an unprepared world.

Launched into the underworld of spies and mercenaries, Marina desperately fights to stop multiple outbreaks before half the world’s population is wiped out.

If you enjoy a thrilling international, medical mystery, this book is for you!

Coming Soon

Heartwarming and Inspiring Collection

This is a collection of warm and cozy stories, each one a stand-alone. These are ordinary women rising to the challenges of life in difficult circumstances.
If you are looking for a feel-good read with a bit of mystery and excitement, these stories are for you!

White Sands Black Heart

JJ insists death stalks her –

like an unrelenting vortex of extermination. Everyone says it’s her imagination. Yet, it swirls around her wiping out those she loves.

Tired of starting over after another profound loss, she slammed the door on life. But a National Geographic photographer, a hairless aardvark and island life encourage her to start again.

However, the Grim Reaper is real. It followed her to the Florida Keys. And it propels her to a final confrontation where everything is on the line.

Leaving Lost

Lost love. Lost family. Lost reputation. Too much loss.

Adrift on a sea of hopelessness in a little town called Lost, Samantha makes a decision that catapults her on a roller coaster of disasters, one rolling in after another – including charges for a crime she didn’t commit.

In a short time she loses everything a young, successful woman expects in life and worst of all, she faces jail time.

A great story of the triumph of good!

Never Midnight

Betrayed and determined to keep life at a distance.

Leigha and her mom were best friends, until her mom died in secrecy. Leigha felt angry and deserted. The trust she shared with her mom was reduced to a lie.

She refused to deal with it. Over the years she knew the darkness of grief’s valley waited for her, but her anger fueled her resistance.

But life brings her face to face with her deep resentment – and a handsome rogue working as an intelligence officer. She discovers the truth of her mother’s final days.

If you are looking for a sweet story of the revealing light of truth and transformation that’s FREE, this book is for you!

Weeping Dune

Emotional abuse is one thing –

but a drunken smack forced Jules to make a choice — stay for more abuse or leave to an uncertain future.

In a crisis Jules runs from her present only to land at the intersection of her past and her future.

In the warm arms of South Carolina, she discovers long-hidden secrets of her past and a man running from his past. And the truth completely changes both of their destinies.

If you are looking for a cozy story with a bit of mystery, this book is for you!

The Flawless Life

Finalist in the prestigious Canadian Word Guild Award, 2016!

Desperate, shaken and grappling with her faith.

A lost job and a financial crisis rocks her world and Grace struggles in her Christian walk. An initial voice of anxiety rapidly becomes a choir of condemnation and overwhelming fear and despair. Belief in an unseen God and hope in promises not yet realized seem impossible in her desperate reality.

But a random meeting on an airplane propels Grace into into the world of surfing and new opportunties.

If you are looking for a contemporary story of faith, this book is for you!

Glass Darkly Series

Memory of Memories

Astonishing. Exquisite. Sublime. 

A journey into the eternal in an unimaginable place. Have you wondered what heaven will be like? Only the curious peer into the potential of eternal life. What is awaiting you there? Take a look into what your future could be like in heaven – imagine big!

If you are looking for a peek into heaven and all that it could be, this book is for you!