Crushing Pain & Perfection

broken heart

With facing the possibility of my mom’s passing any day due to terminal cancer I’ve been contemplating the price we pay for loving someone. Since sin entered the world, even the most perfect gift from God has a very dear price tag. I know I’m not alone in loving another person so dearly that to think about losing them elicits fear and grief – like a parent losing their child, a spouse losing their mate, or in my situation, a child losing their parent. Here on earth, when there is deep and enduring love there is inevitable pain. To the degree there is love there will be equivalent pain.
So even the most beautiful gift of love is tainted by the sin of this world.
A couple of thoughts arise from this. What a wonderful life we will live in heaven when there will never be a cost to pay for loving another. In fact, we will be able to love with abandon and never fear hurt, rejection, loss or grief. In other words, all the good and none of the bad.
But then in hell, where God is absent and no good thing exists, there will be no love. I wonder if it is just the crushing pain.
So think about this. Heaven is pure love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, beautiful light and life – all in existence in abundance beyond imagination. It will be so because we will live in the full presence of God. I think hell is hell because when God locks the key He will withdraw Himself from hell and it will be unbelievably horrible. Because there is no presence of God, hell will be 100% the opposite of God. He did not “create” hell. He will simply gather all those who did not love Him and come to Him on His terms and put them into one place, lock them in, and walk away. It is His absence that will make hell hell. Those who end up in hell chose to not have God in their life here on earth. He will just be giving them what they wanted. I think it will be utter darkness, utter death and the overwhelming stench of decaying flesh, utter thirst, utter starvation, utter pain, utter hate, utter grief, utter chaos, utter pain, and utter misery, all with no rest or break. It will be everything not God.
So when I anticipate the crushing pain of loss I think hell will be horrible.

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