FB & Child Memories

In a world of identity theft and invasion of one’s privacy, Facebook was good to me today. We lived in the country when I was growing up. I rode to school on a bus, and ran the fields and woods in my spare time playing spy with the dog and apparently a few other things I had forgotten.

The girl who lived nearby, who I caught the bus with and played with connected with me this week. She reminded me of playing “Starsky and Hutch”, and swimming copiously getting ready for the Olympics. While I laughed about her memories and I’m still smiling now, I felt I should apologize for dragging her along on all my childish imaginings. She was very gracious and kind in her recollections which made our walk down memory lane a joy rather than an embarrassment.

But she got me thinking about my childhood imaginings. I remember rescuing orphaned children from Russia, sneaking into enemy territory to retaliate for their attacks, being a world class cowboy (or cowgirl I guess, just not quite like the helpless girls on TV), an astronaut in a rocket leaving earth, a starship captain, oh, I can go on but I’ll spare you. My childhood friend should be glad I didn’t involve her in all my imaginary adventures.

I had forgotten all about these adventures. And now I wonder if children who play out their imaginary stories become the fictional storytellers later in life. For a while now I have wondered where this writing has come from as I was not a writer as a child. Thanks to my friend I now remember I made up stories and acted them out in the hills and forests of southern Ontario. Ahh, good times!

Anyone else out there who played out their imaginary adventures? What are you doing now?
What about you authors – were you writers or actors as children?

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