Global Financial Collapse

Bl-CE-FinCollapseSo it looks like the levers have been pulled. The chess pieces are in place. The world is on its knees. Everything is falling down around us.

Pawn from E2 to E4: We clearly see the increase in violence and wars and rumours of wars, earthquakes in diverse places and of increasing intensity and frequency, many have come in His name claiming to be the Messiah, yet we were not quite at the end. These were the start of the birth pains.

That was the opening move. But we have watched the next moves in rapid succession.

Bishop to C4: The pope announces, “I come in my own name and the name of the church.”  But consider John 5:43  – I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive. He bring a leftist agenda to the world, not a Christian message. And the world loves it. Masses of people are fawning and falling all over themselves to see the pope. Even the protestant churches are willingly following under the pope’s leadership to bring about Chrislam.

Queen to H5: On the political global stage the Middle East is erupting and unstable. North Africa is in unrest. There’s war in Yemen. Mass migration to Europe is swamping their ability to cope. We see the alignment of Russia and Iran and both are openly physically involved in Syria, the doorstep of Israel. Jerusalem is indeed a cup of trembling. And we are watching the final stages of the world turning against Israel.

Queen to F7, Checkmate: And now I think the final chess move is in progress. At least here in North America the news coverage doesn’t include anything on what the major banks are blatantly saying – the numbers show we are in a global recession. Unfortunately few are even aware of dire situation global finances. Despite simple and glaring statements from the large banks that say the numbers are clear – most live oblivious to the critical nature of our financial situation (Global recession).

We are watching the Scholar’s Move, a chess win in four moves – all on the world stage. And yet we live as though it is life as usual. Like a newbie chess player we are oblivious to our ever nearing checkmate. The game will soon be over. I look around and I feel like the buildings are all falling down around me. I see the chess pieces all falling into place for a one world religion, government and financial control.

As I often hear, we are one more day, one more week closer. Every week of news brings us rapidly to a checkmate. Take a look at the wrecked world around you. The evidence is everywhere. Humankind has turned evil. The small remaining group of believers will soon be taken to spend eternity with the creator, author and finisher of all things.

Where do you think we stand on the prophetic timeline?
What are you looking forward to most in heaven?
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