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I read a couple of articles this week that I found interesting. For those of us who have bravely read Revelation, you know during the Tribulation there will be disease that wipes out a quarter of the global population and something else that causes painful sores that the casualty will wish they could die, but cannot.

We’ve seen flu pandemics and the Ebola breakout that the World Health Organization and the media talk up like they are horrifyingly deadly and while many people have succumbed they have certainly not risen to the scale or severity described in the Bible. So for several years I thought one or both of these would be something grown in a lab, perhaps a military lab, that got away from them and spread like fire around the globe while they had no means to contain it.

I was alerted to the scare in Europe because the mass migration is bringing in diseases unseen in Europe for decades or even centuries. There are not enough vaccinations or means to deal with the upcoming outbreak. This has led to concerns that these diseases are going to spread unrestrained. And I agree, that is a possible cause for an outbreak that kills one quarter of the population, I can’t help but think what the Bible describes is not something the scientists will even know how to deal with.

Then I read about CRISPR, a gene editing progress that allows exact extraction of a section of DNA and replacing it with another piece. The scientists say this can and has been used to replace a mutated section with a corrected section. They claim it is so precise that there is little to no risk of unexpected results or secondary changes that were not anticipated. Hmm. Okay, if you buy that one, this technology of gene editing can now be done at home.Yeah, right. That’s a fantastic idea. Who knows what the inspired radicals will come up with. Or what mistakes can be let loose by a less than skilled kitchen genius. (home gene editing)

Then I came across a blog post that proposes it’s not fair that the big pharmaceuticals want to control this and charge in the range of millions to correct your mutated genes. The blogger’s argument is that people will end up going to underground labs to purchase perhaps questionable DNA editing. (blog in favour of the progress)

I think if this is what is being discussed on the news, I can’t help but wonder what is going on behind the scenes – you know, the unseen portion of the genetic tampering ice burg.

Again, I can’t help but think we are close to the times John the Revelator described almost 2000 years ago. If you are not sure you are in right standing with God, read about the good news of the Bible here.


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