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Honest Grief Book Series


Struggling with grief?

Be gentle and kind to yourself – that’s what this book encourages throughout. Grief drops into your life and you’re left with a gaping wound in your heart and a huge hole in your life. This guidebook provides a variety of proven strategies to find your own authentic way through the storms of grief.

If you are looking for a practical self-help guide, this book is for you!

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Grief strikes a friend — and you’re at a loss for words.

This book pulls back the curtains on grief, shows you its hidden face. You’ll discover what it’s really like. Most importantly you’ll understand what the griever needs and wants from others. You never need to worry about what to say or do again. You will see how careless words and actions cause hurt and frustration and you’ll learn what to avoid. And you’ll find there’s lots of ways you can help carry your friend through their dark days.

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