Dipping your toes in warm water
Dancing over your foot in waves
Smelling delicately scented air
Throughout the meandering paths of your garden
Hearing the a cappella sounds
Of planets joyously moving in their assigned paths
Listening to the rhythmical hum
Of plants growing in the sunshine
Watching fields of grass
Sway in their praise of life
Seeing whales
Play in the surf just for your delight
Hearing the music
Of eternity in a drop of water
Sitting under the glory of sunsets
Painted from the palette of unseen colours
Hearing God’s laughter
In the rolling thunder
Tasting the rich sweetness
Of wine from the Lord’s vineyard
Touching the nail scars
And thanking Him to His face
What do you think heaven will be like?
Share your thoughts!
Coming: Memory of Memories
A fictional story of life in heaven

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Enjoy a video of orcas playing in the wake of a boat here

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