I’ve Got Some Feedback For You


Oh the priceless value of honest feedback! I had lunch today with a dear friend. She kindly read a book that is currently in editing and offered to give me some feedback. Some might cower from this or be concerned about what could be coming, but as an author who does not really consider herself a writer, I was pretty interested in what she thought.

Let me say, this is a solid friendship and I love the time we spend chatting over a Vietnamese lunch. I have found she can be quite insightful about people and motivations when we worked together. She always offered balanced, honest assessments and I always saw her generosity in her approach in challenging situations. So I was very keen to get her feedback. I know she is an avid reader of quality books and would give me an honest review.

And as expected she had some very constructive feedback on some tweaks – this is gold for a writer, especially me. Many readers will just tell you, “Ya, it’s a good book,” but that doesn’t tell you what worked for them or if there’s anything confusing or a gap. So to my dear friend, “Thank you so much for your golden nuggets.”

Fortunately for me she didn’t stop there, but also offered some very encouraging words. I find publishing my writing leaves me feeling vulnerable. Maybe because I don’t really see myself as a writer. I know her to be a straight shooter, so when she said she loved the book and cried through the difficulties of the main character, I know this to be true. Oh the satisfaction to hear I successfully translated emotions to paper. Again, “Thank you my friend for letting me know the depth of your engagement.”

We talked about some of my current writing challenges. I left with a decision and clear path forward.

Oh my friend, you may never know the value of what you freely offered. I hope to do the same for you one day.

Have you ever received really powerful feedback?
Did it change your path in a meaningful way?
Share your thoughts!

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