Latex Grunting Pig Repair


Did you buy one of these pigs for your dog only to find it stops grunting after just a few hours of play? Me too. I have good news. They can be repaired and continue grunting for endless hours.

I bought one and Abbey adored it, but alas after 2–3 hours it stopped working. So I ordered three more through Amazon. After the second one stopped grunting after just an hour of play I decided to cut it open and see if I could repair it. I made a small cut in the belly and reattached the hose to the grunter and we were off an playing again. But in a matter of moments the hose disconnected again and the grunting stopped. So here is what I did to get it all working and permanently (over a year now and still working).

  1. Buy some superglue (be sure it works on latex and plastic). I used Gorilla Super Glue (Impact Tough).GorillaGlue
  2. Using scissors, cut the latex open in as straight a cut as you can. The more rough the cut may be more difficult to seal with glue.GruntPigOpen
  3. Locate the hose and reattach to the grunter. Test that the grunting is restored. Disconnect the hose again. Apply glue to both parts and reattach. Hold together until the glue sets.GruntPigHose
  4. After the glue is thoroughly dried (next day) let your dog play with the pig a bit to ensure you have adequately glued to the two pieces together. Be sure your dog doesn’t get the stuffing out and eat it.
  5. Once you are confident the glue will hold, seal up the cut in the latex. Apply the superglue to one side of the cut and hold together the two sides until set.

Voila! You have fixed your grunting pig.

After fixing the broken ones, I’ve repaired my two remaining new ones before giving them to Abbey to play with and none have come apart despite throwing and lots of grunting.

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