Leaving Lost

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Leaving Lost

Lost love. Lost family. Lost reputation. Yet a conqueror.

Adrift on a sea of hopelessness, Sam makes a decision that puts her on a challenging road filled with devastating storms of life, one rolling in after another. In a short time she lost all that a young, successful woman expects – love, marriage, children, career and family.

Her crushing circumstances would decimate anyone, but not Sam. She holds close the wisdom of a most remarkable woman. The one person she knows that has survived cancer twice before and faced it again with exceptional courage.

Through the storm Sam emerges on an unshakable foundation of faith.

Journey through the valley of death to top of the mountain with Sam! Buy Leaving Lost now and learn the secrets of building stones of faith!

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Favourite Book Quotes

You need to get back to hanging out with the living, not dwelling with your memories. You’ll not find joy there. And hope lies in looking ahead. When you’re pining for lost things will find yourself a castaway in a sea of hopelessness.
Jesus is the only Prince Charming. Only He brings happy ever after. My life with your father is a journey of two together leaning on God for hope and help. And that, my dear, has made our marriage a joyful journey.
When the storms beat you to your knees, you are in the perfect place to pray for Jesus to step in.
You can live your life beaten down to your knees by life, or you can choose to bend to your knees before God and stand in strength and courage through life’s relentless assaults.
…the wisdom of God is beyond our understanding. But because I’ve chosen to follow God’s instructions, when life has dished out my fair share of difficulties He has filled me with His joy – an abundant joy that wraps me in its arms and protects my mind and heart from the despair this world would like to impose on me.
My only friends are ghosts of the past – ghosts of what could have been.

Chapter from Leaving Lost

1 | Farewell, My Love

She had just enough time to stop and say a final goodbye before catching her flight back home. She stepped out of the car and opened her umbrella. The drizzly, grey day reflected her heart. Looking toward the back of the old church lot, she let out a deep sigh. For two years she’d refused to let go. She navigated through the cemetery to a quiet spot overlooking the River Don. She laid flowers on the grave and sat down cross-legged on the wet grass. It felt like it had been raining for years.

“I’m sorry, Andrew, but I have to leave. I’m probably not ever coming back so –” She choked on her rising sobs. She pulled out a tissue and held it over her eyes. Her heavy heart let out its pain.

Looking up the river she thought, I’m going to miss this place, but I’ve held on too long to the past. She ran her hand over the blades of grass remembering their days together – sweet days of hope and dreams.

Well, those sunny days of love are long gone forever. Death ripped my happily ever after from me.

She looked back at the gravestone, pulling her mind from what could have been back to the present. “Mom needs me now and I have to go. I guess this is goodbye. I love you, Andrew. I always will.” She stood up, leaned forward and kissed the stone marker. She turned and walked away from her soul mate.

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