Memory of Memories

Astonishing. Exquisite. Sublime.

Lani spent her whole life wondering what life after death would be like when heaven deluged her senses with an experience far richer than she had ever imagined.

Upon her arrival in heaven she received her new name Aha’Lani, a weaver of stories of what was, is, and is yet to come. At first Lani puzzled over carrying a name of story teller. She sketched, painted and sculpted, but never considered herself a writer or storyteller. How can this be? Yet the seeds of desire planted inside her from youth, left unrealized in life, had an eternal purpose beyond her earthly imagination.

She soon sees her eternal journey will abundantly fulfill her heart’s desires – desires of born in her youth. All came together in a powerful eternal mission. And all this in an unimaginable place.

Have you wondered what heaven will be like? Read this book if you are curious to peer into the potential of eternal life of complete fulfillment, satisfaction, and more real than anything this earth offers.

Buy Memory of Memories to peer into what your future will be like in heaven – imagine big!

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Book Reviews

Totally impressed with this eloquently written novel. The amazingly detail made me feel and see as though I were there. What a creative, magical interpretation & fantastic add-on around biblical stories as we know them to be; this book brings it to life in a way I can not imagine. Absolutely brilliant!!


This novel is the book version of a warming cup of tea on a cold day; it is a comforting read that gives that warm feeling that continues to radiate long after you have finished.
A really lovely book, with a real feel good factor.


It was a unique perspective and begs the reader to consider what will eternal life be like. It’s an interesting take on the subject and well worth reading.

Nese Ellyson

I really enjoyed reading this unusual tale. It was written beautifully. You may think it is a crazy idea behind the story, but it is a lovely story, with depth and qualities that inspire.

Lilian Flesher

I found [this book] to be well written… based on Biblical knowledge and understanding, and creative. The characters are believable, the writing descriptive, and the message clear but not pedantic. A good message of God’s creation of His plan for His heavenly spouse to be with him forever. Good for a believer, or an open minded questioner.


This story contains such rich descriptions of places, feelings, sights so that you really feel you are there.

The animals and places are incredible! I can see them as clearly as if it were film. Also, as an artist, the colours of the stone combining in unique ways intrigued me. I’d love to truly see the light stones sculptures, too.

Altogether, a beautifully written story.

Catherine Orfald

Chapter from The Flawless Life

3 | Ocean’s Celebration

The weaver’s poem: Ocean’s Celebration

I celebrate in the ocean,

I dance in joy.

I sing in delight.

I laugh in paradise.

Celebrate life.

The story behind the poem

From the moment she dipped her foot in, the warmth of the water enveloped her in peace. She was totally enraptured with the depth and all-encompassing peace. It almost felt like waves of vibration rolling through her. She could taste and smell the harmony. It was intoxicatingly sweet, but more than sweet. It had a robust fullness in taste and smell. It was an internal wealth of bliss. She slipped in and floated out to the depths of the bay, gently rocking in the waves. She loved the sensation of floating. It reminded her of a life-changing event in her long past.

While lost in her attempt to put to words the sensation of this peace, she sensed another’s presence. Quietly, gradually, she became aware of more than one. No, it was many. She knew “they” were a part of this peace. Almost timidly, they approached. They asked if they could visit with her. She lifted up her head, looked toward the beach to welcome her visitors only to find no one there. Yet still, they waited for an invitation. She focused on their presence to pinpoint where they were, and then she just knew. They weren’t just a part of this peace – they were in the peace, in the water with her.

Lani felt struck with the difference of experience from her long past. In a far different world, in a far different ocean, she had been swimming in Hawaii and sensed something dark swimming beneath her. For a heart-seizing moment of sheer fear, she thought it was a shark. After all, a shark attacked just a week prior. She almost passed out from pure terror. She felt the blood drain from her face and could taste the rancid dread, a very different taste from the sweet peace of this new ocean. She recalled drumming up enough courage to look down into the water to face this dark shadow coming after her and to figure out what to do about it. Could she get to the shallow water? Barely able to breathe, she looked. Deep sigh. It turned out to be a sea turtle. Just a turtle.

Ah, that was long ago, in the time of long past. A year here, and the fear and rancid dread just seemed so foreign and not part of her world now. She no longer worried about life’s sharks, or turtles for that matter. This place erased all emotional memory of the negative of her long past. Wiped away, never to be felt again.

Her first ocean experience here was definitely different. She felt immersed in peace and knew these visitors existed as a part of this peace. With a broadening smile, in anticipation of something wonderful, Lani looked into the blue and saw a pod of enormous orcas waiting for permission to advance.

She stretched out her arms and they joyfully approached like giggling children. Excitement emanated from the group. They spun and danced with each other as though Lani’s laughter, like music, inspired a beautiful ballet. Slowly the matriarch came in front and bowed her head. The group quieted down. Lani reached out to touch the matriarch. Low murmurs rippled through the group. The younger ones barely contained their excitement. Lani smiled and welcomed them. And then it became obvious what caused their excitement. A new baby girl swam among them and they wanted Lani’s blessing on their young one. Now part of her job, the ritual of naming and blessing animals went back to Adam. Lani called the wee one to her. Wee one! It was at least four times her height in length. Hesitantly, the baby approached. Lani spoke to her, welcomed her into her family. Lani placed her hand on the baby’s head and offered a blessing. “May Yehovah smile on you and be gracious to you. May you have a happy life. May you take joy in flying through the waves, and dance with grace. May you bring happiness to your family.” Then she named her Celebration. After all, the name is the nature. The group erupted in a cacophony of calls, announcing their baby girl’s new name to other pods miles away.

Lani thought about her sweet Celebration. Since then, this pod visited just about every time Lani came to the water, and Celebration regularly came to her bedroom window for a morning greeting. She grew quite a bit over this past year and despite her maturity, she still lived up to her name. She always whistled and called in delight upon seeing Lani, telling every whale of her joy at having Lani’s attention.

Lani cherished the story of meeting and naming Celebration, but as a personal story she felt it lacked the meaning she wanted. This was not to be her honour story.

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Bonus Content

For those who have read The Flawless Life the bonus content can be accessed here

The Stone Turtle

What is a stone turtle? Read about a unique source of fun for Mayan visitors and the spark for innovation that has impact throughout the Peace Millennium!
A large stone, the size of a large dining table caught her eye…that night Matea dreamt about the stone turtle…

The Back Story of the Creation Garden

Curious about how the story of creation brought Lani back to trusting Yehovah as her God and king? Take a peak into Lani’s long past to read about the crisis that brought about a change.

She didn’t fear the violence of nature but welcomed it’s ability to renew.

Water Tree Prophesy
Wondering about the prophesy given to Lani in the long past? What was the prophesy and who gave it to her? Read about the words that changed her life and led to her eternal commission.

The God of creation and all things beautiful has a word for you today.

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