Of His Faithfulness

Lighthouse in Storm

Great is thy faithfulness

The pipe organ plays the familiar strains

The people gathered sing in agreement

But what about the darkest moments in life

When standing alone

To face the most destructive hurricane of life

I’m looking at my road ahead

I know I’m about to walk through

The valley of the shadow of death

My heart already aches with loss

Of a beloved

In this dark time I wonder

Great is His faithfulness?

I know many have walked this road

Yet it often is a road walked alone

So now is a time

I need His faithfulness

To keep His promise

Of love, of strength, of His constant presence

And I find indeed

There is no shadow of His turning from me

He quietly sits alongside

Listening to my heart’s cry

And healing my heart in my grief

His perfect peace flows

His presence a comfort

He gives strength for today

And offers bright hope for tomorrow

As I lean in my weakness

I discover

Great is His faithfulness

When have you experienced God’s faithfulness?
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