Of His Grace

Scales of Justice

Grace, grace, God’s grace.

Grace that is greater than all our sins.

What exactly is this thing called grace?

Favor, blessing, or kindness

And yet, God’s grace is so much more


More powerful

Enormous ramifications

We all stand in the court of the Creator of the Universe

A continuous law breaker

Every day.

Proven guilty

A criminal sentenced with eternal death

Condemned in sin with no appeal

I can ignore the law and the law-giver

But I am still condemned to eternal death

And then comes God’s grace

Unmerited favour

To receive something highly desirable that I cannot earn

And something I will never deserve

In His immense loving kindness

He offers His Son’s life

To pay the penalty of my death sentence

He offers eternal life

In the face of death

His grace is an open hand offering

Eternal life

As a sinner

Condemned to death

For violating the laws of the Creator

It is the only way to eternal life

The only question is

Why would I not in humility

Accept His offer?

And why would my stony heart

Not melt in the face of that grace?

Have you accepted God’s offer of eternal life – His offer given in enormous grace? My pastor, JD Farag has some good news for you here.

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