Of His Majesty

Moonrise in Space


Stringed instruments lead

Heroic trumpets and french horns join

In thunderous volume

The voices of millions upon millions angels

Boldly echo across the expanse

Inspired by an epic truth woven through time

Wait, stop the powerful music.

What do we mean when we proclaim God’s majesty?

King David declares

O LORD, our Lord, your majestic name fills the earth!

The LORD is king! He is robed in majesty.

Your reign, O LORD, is holy forever and ever.

Majesty, robed in the glory of nobility

He is covered and surrounded in the esteem of his creatures

Majesty, evidence is everywhere

His invisible attributes are clearly seen in all creation

Majesty, His wisdom shines in every star

Look skyward and think on our all-wise omnipotent God whose understanding is infinite

In this age of grace

We become comfortable, even casual with God as friend and brother

Remember He is Majesty

Supreme power, authority and author of wisdom


In your darkest hours

This indescribable being of royal bearing and splendour of character

Quietly, patiently stands with you

Tenderly holding you, tucked inside His majestic robes

My Lord God, Majesty, the only Universal Royalty

The king of billions of stars and tens of billions planets

The king crowned in rainbows

The king whose voice sounds like thunderous roaring waves

The king who owns all the gold and precious gems of the universe

That this eminent sovereignty would take note of me

And safely guide me to my eternal home.

I humbly bow before you, oh magnificent and exalted God, in awe!
Never let me forget your majesty.

What reminds you of His majesty?
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