Of His Mercy

Alpine Lake

Mercy, a word used so often, yet do we understand its depth?

When judgment is deserved

And other religions call for death

God’s mercy pardons and forgives

When sin piles up high and God sees me in sin’s sewer

God fills His hand with overflowing mercy from His heart

He values His fallen creation beyond the wealth of the universe

He loves beyond understanding

He gives an open door to His throne

Like the sun, His mercy is never out of sight

Even in the darkness of night, the moon shines the light of the sun

Even in the darkest day, His mercy shines the light of His love

Rather than wipe mankind out of existence

Mercy stays our execution

Mercy holds the earth to her path

Mercy contains the wind and wave

Mercy prevents earthquakes from crumbling the land into the sea

Mercy keeps the sun shining on the wicked and the saved

Mercy sends the rain to fall on the weed and the rose

Mercy guides out of the sewer and into the garden

Mercy nourishes and protects

Mercy gives breath and strength for another day

Mercy comforts the brokenhearted

Mercy gives eternal life to the spiritually dead

Mercy crowns His own

God’s mercy is free

If given only to the worthy, then none would receive

It is undeserved, unearned, and extravagantly given

It is constantly overflowing, not just for a day, but forever

To the sinner God gives drops of mercy

The drops of life and living

To the saved God gives an ocean of mercy

An ocean that disappears beyond the horizon


Walk into the ocean of His mercy

His heart is an abundant fountain of forgiveness

A deluge of unfailing love without end

Do you want to walk in the ocean of God’s mercy instead of having just a few drops? My pastor, JD Farag has some good news for you here.

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