Of His Might

River and rocks

The earth trembles in His presence

The rock in the desert cracks open and abundantly gives her treasured water to the thirsty

The mountain splits at His footfall and profusely gives to the world a river of life

He utters a single command

and galaxies heed their defined paths into eternity

and waters of the vast oceans obey His delineated boundaries

He spoke “Be Light”, and electromagnetic radiation comes into existence

From its birth it has dutifully held its speed

Holding within it a wealth of beauty and energy

He spoke “Be Land”, and earth appeared

islands and continents rose up

and have stood proud above the waters from the moment of His command

He spoke “Waters, swarm with life”

and a vast variety of living creatures came into being

From the giant blue whale to the microscopic zooplankton all in balance

He spoke “Skies, fill with birds of every kind”

and majestic eagles soar on His wind high above the earth

and sweet song birds sing His praise

He speaks in whispers and roaring thunder

quietly sharing his wisdom into the hearts of His own

and announcing His presence across the land with chest-rattling, air-ripping cracks

He cares for His children with a strong arm against enemies and a gentle hand to assure

He is a rock foundation and a shelter as warm and comforting as a hen’s wing

His word cuts like a sword, yet corrects in pure love

The universe is under His command

How can I question that He can look after me?

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