This book is in the research phase: what would God’s economy on earth look like, the condition of the world after a nuclear war, the leftovers from the seals, bowls and trumpets, what life will be like for the humans who will be born in sin but free from the influence of Satan.

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The Omega Ages

The Creative Ages, and the Age of Grace is past. It is time to prepare for the Omega Ages. Lani has accepted the assignment to show the survivors of God’s wrath His eternal and enduring love. But thinking about it, it seems an impossible task. How can love have any meaning after the world has experienced seven years of wrath, worse than the world ever has or ever will experience? What can love say that would reach the hearts of those that lived through the horrors?

Lani was given seven visions with the solution, but they are truly mysteries. She knew living an eternal life would mean she would be given big things to accomplish but she thought she would be given all advance knowledge. The mysteries are made clear just in time, some are hidden for a long time. She realizes her eternal life will be totally based on faith and discovers she is a powerful agent for change when she steps out to do crazy things and just trusts her wild and uncontained God.

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