One Giant Step Closer

Bl-CE-CDNElectionRecently Canada underwent an election and the result is sad news for Canada, but great news for Christians. As a nation, we have chosen to move away from Stephen Harper, our Christian leader who stood with Israel to Justin Trudeau, a young man who hangs out with Muslims. Already he has made moves away from Israel. I fear Canada is now on the same road as the US.

What is so significant about how many countries stand with Israel? God said in the end no country will be on Israel’s side. Because of this, He will gather all nations into judgment. (2 Chronicles 20, Joel 3:1-2, and Revelation 16:12-16)

On the way to the voting poll, I was asked if I thought Harper would win. I answered, “The Canadian in me hopes he will, but the Christian in me says that because no nation stands with Israel in the end I suspected this election would be the toppling of Canada as the last major country with Israel.” I voted for Harper, knowing I would witness more evidence that we are nearing the end. From my perspective, this puts the world a giant step closer to the final days of this age.

If you are not sure you are in right standing with God and will have eternal life with God, then now is the time to find out. Click here for a short message from JD Farag, my online minister.

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