Paradox! Give to Get

Ok, I have another couple of paradoxes for you. Remember from last week our wisdom is foolish to God and we are told to seek His wisdom and understanding of the parables and truths of His Word. I think these go together because they describe the two things we humans often seek instead of God – wealth and fame/power. If we seek Him first all these things will be added.

Give to receive (Acts 20:35, Proverbs 11:24 Luke 6:38)
Current application

The basic principle is “Give freely and become more wealthy; be stingy and lose everything.” Jesus reinforced this concept when he said your gift will be returned in a multiplied abundance – really an extravagant abundance measured by the amount you give. While this is opposite to the base economy we currently live in where we work hard for a pay at the discretion of our employer. Rather, give to receive is a principle in operation behind the scenes. Many people, believer and non-believer, experience the blessing of giving. Just look to the wealthy and their philanthropic activities. I heard LeTourneau gave 90% of his income to the Lord’s work and in turn his business continually grew.
But I think this does not just apply to money. If we pour love and peace into others’ lives we receive an overabundance of love and peace in our own lives. If we give grief and negativity, we will be mired in grief and bogged down with negativity.

Future application

God is a giver and a blesser. Just imagine what His blessings will be when we are free from sin and operating fully in His kingdom. We will exude love, joy, peace, kindness and will receive the same in superabundance! I think we cannot ever see that in our current lives because our current bodies and mind could not handle the firehose flow of blessing.

Paradox: First shall be last (Matthew 19:28 to 20:16)
Current and future application

Jesus tells the apostles that people will be receive a hundred times what they lose because of being a Christian and will inherit eternal life, but He does note that those who are important will be least important in His kingdom and visa versa. He then tells the parable of paying a days wage for work ranging from a full day to an hour and finishes with, “So those who are last now will be first then, and those who are first will be last,” reinforcing the concept of least and most important. While all receive the same wage of eternal life, the humble servants who seem least on this earth will hold a place of prominence in His kingdom. You will head for leadership through serving.

Do you think God is paradoxical by nature or do we only have to deal with this paradox in our earthly lives?
What do you think the future will be like? Will we have great wealth to give?
Share your thoughts!

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