Paradox! Strength in Weakness

Here is another paradox and this one demands great trust. You know those team-building sessions where they ask you to fall back and trust your team will catch you? Well God asks that of us, but to an even greater degree. Many promises in the Bible say that He will care for us. And we can trust when things don’t seem to bad, but once we are out of a job or out of money then we see how much we really trust. And then ask us to do something that may cause us to look foolish? It is very difficult!

Strength in our weakness and inability (2 Corinthians 12:9-10)
Current application

Have you noticed that often we are put into positions where we feel ill-equipped? Maybe you feel you don’t have the knowledge, skill, experience or credentials necessary to do the job the Lord has given you. But in our Christian walk we are strongest at our weakest. That is the paradox.
He has not called you to do the miracle, He has called you to show up and let Him do the miracle. That is not what we expect or the world expects. No, we attend extensive training and education. We take on increasingly difficult tasks to gain experience and expertise. That is how the world operates and that is what the world values, but not God. Much like the joy on a young child’s face when, for the first time, they ride a two-wheeler even though your hand steadies and directs. That is the gift God wants to give each of us – an unimaginable exciting life filled with wild and crazy happenings without the skills to actually produce that life ourselves!

Future application

I suspect this challenging level of trust sets us up for how things will work in eternity. Truly, His grace is all we need as His power works best when we have no skill or ability to interfere. Just go along for the ride and laugh through the exciting things He has in store.

Have you followed God and let Him work through your weakness?
What do you think the future will be like? Do you think we will develop skills and expertise we will rely on?
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