Righteous Anger

Bl-CE-RighteousAngerI was packaged out of my last job eleven months ago. This past week I had lunch with another person from the company and heard very upsetting news. Amidst a swirl of bad behaviour of one, several others lost their jobs and the bad actor was retained despite clear evidence of behaviour that violated the ethical rules of the company and clear violations of human rights.

Then I think about the lone wolf attack in the US where a lunatic attacked police with a hatchet and was shot and killed by the police (2014 Queens Hatchet Attack). And I remember the Canadian dispatch of a shooter in the federal parliament buildings the day before (2014 shootings at Parliament Hill, Ottawa). As expected, the world praised the police and the guard for killing these rogue killers. Then I watch the police handle a knife-killing Palestinian lunatic in Jerusalem the same way as the prior North American examples and the world condemns Israel, demanding they restrain themselves from overreacting.

I’m absolutely frustrated by the world this week. I’m sickened by the way the world calls evil good and good evil. I’m angry at good people wrongly treated while the foul behaviour continues unchecked.

My online pastor, JD Farag (here’s his YouTube channel) often says the Lord is using this to cause us to loosen our grip on the world. Well, this week I’ve totally let go. I really long for the day when we can be with the Lord forever – living a life surrounded by truth and justice. That yet future life is looking brighter and brighter as our current world becomes darker.

Are you loosening your grip?
What caused you to let go?
Share your thought!

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