Silent Things That Aren’t Silent

Many things we say are silent, but are they really silent? Is there really such a thing as silence?

  • Silent films
  • The running of a submarine
  • Cesar Milan communicating with a dog
  • Teenager at home
  • A dark, angry stare
  • The end of an unresolved argument
  • Rem sleep
  • Grains of sand rolling down a dune
  • Electromagnetic waves of planets and suns
  • Ice burgs
  • Inside your head while reading this blog post
  • The silent majority
  • Virginia Woolf
  • Silence! The Musical
  • A heart attack
  • A monastry
  • The hills
  • And apparently neither lambs nor clams are silent
  • Time
  • The falling dollar

Wonder why they are called silent films when there was always sound played, even the sound of the projector. If the running of a submarine was truly silent then the enemy wouldn’t be able to detect them. And is it really silent reading when you hear every word in your head? Is Cesar Milan’s communication with a dog really silent or does the dog hear a command in its head?

Is an angry person truly silent?

Many parts of creation actually make sound – there is the song of desert sands rolling down a dune, music of the electromagnetic waves of celestial bodies, the sounds of cell death, and the sounds of ice burgs.

Is it really impossible that the rocks will cry out? Stones from the wall will cry out? Or beams from the woodwork respond? The mountains and hills break forth in singing or the trees clap? There couldn’t be praise from creatures of the ocean deep? From wild and domestic animals? Even the earth itself.

Perhaps not all of there verses are merely poetic but actually mean all of these presumed silent are not and will not be silent. Maybe the day is coming when we will actually hear the voice of the earth, the animals and creatures of the deep, the mountains, hills and trees praising God.


Psalm 148, 96, Luke 19, Revelation 5, Habakkuk 2

Do you think that the creatures of the deep, the mountains and hills, and the animals actually sing God’s praise or do you think that is just poetic license?
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