Weeping Dune

Escape. Alone. Rising courage. And a life transformed.

In a crisis Jules was faced with a decision – stay and accept Anders’ fist or run and face an uncertain future.

She ran. By coincidence or divine intervention she found herself back in the warm arms of South Carolina.

She faces her longstanding feelings of worthlessness. She discovers the people of this small town know a secret of her past kept quiet for a couple of generations – a secret that will rock her world and change the course of her future forever. And she stumbles upon a hidden tribute that seems to be written as an expression of her thoughts and feelings as she has them.

Jules soon discovers life in a beach town looks deceptively sleepy, but for her it is filled with excitement. Every day she moves further and further from her old life. In the end she wears the beach captured in a stone around her neck and the heart of the sea on her hand.

Walk with Jules as she finds the happiness and courage of her youth, and discovers so much more! Buy Weeping Dune now and learn its secrets!

Favourite Quotes

What awaits me here – this place of sky, sea and sand? I’d forgotten how much I loved warm summer nights and the smell of saltwater. I feel like I’ve finally come home. A home I haven’t known for over half my life.
Aloneness isn’t just the physical absence of others. It has a voice that speaks directly to the heart. My eyes see people everywhere, yet I only see blackness inside. Ears hear laughter and love all around, but my internal being only hears the resounding echo of loneliness. Today I saw the sun, felt its warmth on my skin. I saw the unceasing waves bubbling and heard their gurgling laughter. Yet my soul doesn’t match the life around me. I fear walking through life alone. I fear the emptiness, the blackness. The overwhelming silence of alone.
This place has a wonderful way of healing hurting hearts and washing away the burdens of the soul.
This place is overflowing with men with big and open hearts.
Turning back to the stones, she wondered again about the writer. Did they have a time in their life when Jesus rounded up nature to mourn with them? What event prompted such deeply moving thoughts? What caused them to hear the lonesome song of the dunes? Who is this person who hears the songs of the land and sees their Creator in nature?
From today on I will try to not mourn my past but celebrate today, and anticipate tomorrow.
He holds you in His hand where life and love flourish. Are you going to let your past without God stop you from enjoying all He wants to give you?
I’ve cried for love in the vast emptiness and it just absorbed my pleas. The silence there was deafening. It offered no relief.
“I am not even a whisper away. Always.”

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Chapter from Weeping Dune

1 | Intolerable

Tuesday, June 13

Juleena hid in the dark bathroom. Sobbing. Waiting. Listening. Quiet finally ruled the hotel room for at least an hour. Amidst fear and loss she finally came to a decision. Cowering in the darkness gave her plenty of time to think. She finally had enough. The rocky relationship had crossed her line. Anders scared her. Now she needed to wait until he fell into a drunken sleep to quietly slip away.

Some vacation, she thought bitterly. How could it go so badly on the first day? She thought they both committed to use this vacation to get their relationship back on track. She pledged to let go of the past pain and give her whole heart to a new start. Instead she found herself with fresh emotional wounds and if Anders hadn’t been drunk he probably would’ve landed the first physical injury.

She had struggled a long time with his psychological attacks, thinking she was weak and too sensitive. She thought she needed to toughen up. And she would’ve continued to try to shrug off his targeted torment, except assault crossed her line. She would not be anyone’s punching bag.

Sitting in the dark on the cold bathroom floor she thought it a perfect echo of her broken heart. A room with a toilet was the perfect place for her to call an end to the relationship. Finally she stiffly stood up. Her head pounded from the release of emotional thunder and rain.

She listened at the door, holding her breath to hear every sound. She was sure she heard heavy steady breathing. She listened for another minute. She needed him to be in a deep enough sleep to grab her purse and at least her carry-on.

She heard a deep snore, then back to heavy breathing. Quietly, slowly she opened the door. She peeked through the crack. The room was slightly lighter than the bathroom. He must have left the curtains open. That should provide enough light to find my stuff and get out.

With a pounding heart she decided it was now or never. She did not want to face him in the morning. It would be filled with a twisting of the truth and another compromise on her part. Never again.

With the door partly open she paused briefly, ready to close it quickly if needed. All she heard was his deep rhythmical breathing. She stepped through the vanity area and waited another five heartbeats before looking around the corner to the bed.

Still fully clothed, Anders had passed out on top of the covers. She slowly let out her breath not realizing she had been holding it. She took a moment to let out a couple of slow deep breaths. She stepped lightly across the room and gently picked up her purse off the desk. Then she headed to the sitting area to extricate her carry-on. She stuffed her travel clothes and runners back in and gingerly zipped it closed enough to carry. She stopped to look at her large case with all her clothes, and wondered if it would be too much to handle when trying to make a quick escape. She would have no clothes if she didn’t take it, and Anders would likely leave it behind.

Once she tucked her purse in the carry on and grabbed her suitcase, she tiptoed to the door. She knew the bright light of the hall would flood the room and wanted to move quickly but steadily. It would not be good if she accidentally bumped her bags on the door or walls on the way out. Again, she paused to breathe out the tension.

As quietly as she could she turned the lock. Wincing, she heard the inevitable clunk and glanced back to listen for any change in Anders’s breathing. Satisfied the noise had not roused him, she carefully turned the knob and slowly pulled the door open a crack. Ears on full alert, she heard voices coming down the hall. Softly she closed the door but held the knob open, ready to quickly slip out after the people passed.

Breathing through her mouth she listened to the voices become louder. They laughed about something. She counted to thirty to be sure they were gone and then slowly pulled the door open a crack again. Listening, she heard nothing.

She opened the door enough for her and her bags to pass then quietly closed the door behind her. She heard a loud snort as Anders gasped for air. Worried he would wake up she dashed for the end of the hall and took the emergency stairwell.

She ran down ten flights of stairs then paused to listen. The stairwell was quiet. She thought it best to slow down and enter the lobby looking cool and collected. So she took the final two flights of stairs at a more normal pace.

With determination she opened the door to the main floor and made her way to the front desk to ask for a cab. The man at the desk said it would be about five minutes. She thanked him and headed outside to wait. The evening was lovely and warm and under normal circumstances she would have enjoyed the fragrance of the flowers lingering on the humid air. But tonight the scent didn’t register. She paced nervously, glancing occasionally into the hotel lobby to be sure Anders was not coming for her.

Finally she saw the taxi turn into the hotel entrance and waved. He pulled up and she hopped in quickly pulling the door shut behind her. The cabbie asked her where she was going. Where was she going? She hadn’t thought this far ahead. She’d only focused on the getting out part, not the getting away part. “To the airport please.”

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