Why Will People Take the Mark?


While I’ve heard a lot about what the mark of the beast of Revelation will be – a chip or electronic tattoo –

He required everyone—small and great, rich and poor, free and slave—to be given a mark on the right hand or on the forehead. And no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name.

I haven’t heard a lot about why so many will gladly take the mark, committing them to eternal death. I’d like to propose one scenario for consideration.

I wonder if the chaos across the globe – looting, dealing with the aftermath of missing workers (plane and car crashes, fires, crime), uncontrolled fear, and world-wide panic won’t make it necessary for a global response to dealing with millions of missing people. If a global response is required (and a global explanation), then that paves the way to the rise of both the anti-christ and the false prophet (to quell the rumour that Christians have been taken as the Bible predicted). One of the first things they will need to deal with identification and controlling the theft of assets. Think about it. People could claim bank accounts of missing family. People could generate fake IDs and claim ownership of houses, cars, farms, whatever – and the real person would not be here to prove them wrong. Governments will require a means of identification that cannot be quickly faked. And therefore it cannot be the type of wallet ID we currently use.

This new world leader will need to come with an explanation people will accept – something that would bring all people to want to stand unified against whatever forces removed millions of people. What have we known in the history of the world that would cause millions to disappear? Nothing. I think the explanation will be forces not of this world. Perhaps that CERN opened a portal into another world or dimension, allowing the removal of a whole bunch of people. This then would cause people to fear that the missing people will be replaced with look alike aliens. I think a big motivation for taking the mark will be to prove an individual is the human they claim to be.

The world leader will also need to institute a unique identifier system that will enable people to access their own assets. I think the new world government will immediately stop all transactions to gain control, then initiate efforts to “search for the missing ones”. We will not be dead as there is no body to prove we died. (And it’s interesting that a missing person cannot be declared dead for seven years, isn’t it?) So if not dead, then inheritance rules won’t come into play. We are not on the earth any more, so I think there’ll be a new category – Missing Ones or MO. As MO, there will be no passing on of our assets. That will lead the governments to seizing all of our assets.

But as with most governments, they will use the money for a different purpose other than saving it for us or using it to search for us. They will need a cash infusion to bring the chaos under control, reinforce the explanation, ensure everyone remaining gets their “fair share”, and fund the cost of the new identification.

Without an ID that has the approved authentication (name of the anti-christ) the person will be considered and treated as a non-person. In other words, during the initial chaos until you prove who you are you do not exist and therefore cannot buy, sell, work and receive pay.

I see the crisis and chaos brought about by the rapture as the means of getting everyone to accept a mark. It will be the only way to get the rioting, looting, a mayhem under control and most people will be eager to bring an exploding society back to a place where people can live again. If that means instituting a new form of identification, something visible, well so be it.

I think the identification will need to be on the hand or forehead to be readily visible, identifying each person as a person because of increasing fear of extra-terrestrial interference. Without this identification, you are not a person of this one world, standing united against outside forces. Without this identification, you may be considered not human, and perhaps this is why those that don’t accept the mark get their heads lopped off.

As to how they can quickly implement a new global identification? I think technology has come to the place that they can either quickly manufacture and program the chips, or create a form of permanent scannable tattoo. I lean toward some form of a permanent tattoo over a chip because a chip can be removed, and the Bible refers to it as a mark. Also, I think what has been published is the tip of the iceberg of what technology has been developed. Think about military technology – we know only a small portion of what they have developed. And there are a vast number of labs working on less than publicly palatable technology and medical innovations. I believe we are far further down the road of technological developments than we the public are aware and they could quickly come up with a viable technology to identify humans.

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