Paradox! Wisdom is Foolish

Is God a God of paradoxes? There are several paradoxes in the principles laid out in the Bible whereby we should live. Are these paradoxes because God is paradoxical? Or is life in this world paradoxical because of the introduction of sin? Or are the paradoxes intended as a means to prepare His people for an eternal life and if so, what will that life look like?

Partially, I think understanding the seeming paradoxes sets us up to lead a life that earns the praise, “Well done good and faithful servant.” Solomon exhorts us to listen and learn to become wise and receive guidance for life (Proverbs 1:5-6)

Wisdom is foolishness (1 Corinthians 3:18-20)
Current application

Here is the first paradox. If you consider yourself wise in this world, well God considers the wisdom of this world as foolishness and worthless. In fact the wisdom of this world will be the trap that destroys the clever. God’s advice – You need to become a fool according to this world to be truly wise.
What I find truly remarkable about this paradox is that God is not terribly repetitive in His approach. What works one time will not necessarily work the next time. I think this is what confounds the wise of this world. I am looking to promote my books and there is a plethora of advice from people that have been successful. But I find God, when He wants to work through you, does not take the path well travelled, but often chooses what can seem like a foolish means to achieve His ends. Just remember His is true wisdom. What would be more reliable, His wisdom or our foolishness?

Future consideration

I think our eternal life will be in constant spiritual and mental communion with Yeshua (Jesus) and we will be exercising an exponentially greater trust in His wisdom. And still His wisdom will be beyond us. We will have incorruptible bodies and will need to trust to an unimaginable degree. So learn your lesson today, because all of eternity will continue to stretch our trust and faith.

Do you think God is paradoxical or did sin bring paradox to our earthly lives?
What do you think the future will be like? Will we be more wise?
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