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“A fabulous read!”
“Very exciting, almost too much!”

Would you want to know the truth if you knew it would destroy everything you hold dear?

Suspicion of foul play surfaces when Dakota receives a call from her dead husband. She leaves her quiet suburban life in Washington and rushes to the heart of Africa, desperate to find him. But truth proves threatening and elusive.

In her dogged pursuit of answers she collides headlong into corruption and power. Evil forces with nothing to lose. The clash of her single-minded determination against the underworld leaves her running for her life and hell-bent on turning the tables.


September 23, 2020

Just finished reading the book: a truly enjoyable action-adventure story. Can’t wait for the next installment in 2021!


Response from Serenity McLean

Thank you for reading. Trouble in the artworld brews for Dax in The Azurite Project

Blue Thief Book

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