Book Veiled Agenda

A riveting plot that
presses the characters forward
into full-throttle excitement.”

100% lethal. And engineered to wipe out humanity.

There is no escape from this virus. All humanity will die except a privileged few. Yet governments, militaries, and a desperate world turn to one woman to stop this slaughter.

For a determined Dr. Marina Tempel, the odds look insurmountable. Find an antidote. Go toe-to-toe with criminals, syndicates, and opportunistic swamp-dwellers. Stop the the lunatic behind the virus.

She beat him and this virus once before. Without hesitation she risks it all to defeat him again. Only one thing could stop her. One thing that would mean the end of the world. A traitorous betrayal. From the person she trusts the most.

If you enjoy an intriguing mystery, adventure and heart-pounding thrills, then this book is for you!

Watch your back!

November 9, 2020

“Good Read”

Wow, Serenity you have managed to once again intrigue your readers with a riveting plot that weaves its way thru this book pressing foreword energizing the characters to full throttle. Well done. Looking forward to Book three.

Shar M

Veiled Agenda Book

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